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The Deen Show Dawah Collection

A wonderful DVD for Dawah. In this video we have The Top Ten Reasons Jesus is Not God, Who Is Muhammad, Why do We Need Twaheed and how does one accept Islam. Some of the best hits from The Deen Show.


The Price of Paradise

What is the Price of Paradise? What does Allah require for the forgiveness of our sins and entry into the gardens of Paradise? We go through the last few verses of Surah Saff and discover what the ummah is missing to achieve victory in this life and Allahs forgiveness and paradise in the next.


The Purpose of Life

Why are we here? Is all that we can see & all that exists of no purpose? Are we all here due to a huge set of random chances and coincidences? Or is there something greater, some plan and reason for it all? In this video we will explore these ideas and get to the bottom of mankind's greatest question.


The True Gospel of Jesus

In this video we discuss what was the true message of Jesus Peace be upon him. What God did he worship, what was the law he followed and was he crucified for the sins of humanity. All coming from biblical sources along with proofs from the Qur'an to confirm them.


The True Legacy of Muhammad

What is the true legacy of the greatest of Allah's prophets and messengers to mankind, nay the greatest of all creation? There are many things said about this great personage but what is the truth amidst all thats out there? And what does that truly mean for me?

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