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The Purpose of Life

Why are we here? Is all that we can see & all that exists of no purpose? Are we all here due to a huge set of random chances and coincidences? Or is there something greater, some plan and reason for it all? In this video we will explore these ideas and get to the bottom of mankind's greatest question.


The True Legacy of Muhammad

What is the true legacy of the greatest of Allah's prophets and messengers to mankind, nay the greatest of all creation? There are many things said about this great personage but what is the truth amidst all thats out there? And what does that truly mean for me?


Clearing the Fog

Most of what people know and fear about Islam is what they get from the major Media, but is this a true representation of Islam and its teaching? In this video Yusha talks about these misconceptions that are rampant such as what Islam really means, what is Shariah, What is jihad, and what does the Qur'an and sunnah teach about them clearly and simply.


The Character key to Paradise

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us that he was sent to perfect our characters, but how seriously are we taking our character and the characters of our youth? This video explains how important character is when it comes to making it in this life and the next.



Every person has one of two destinations in the next life - Heaven or Hell. In this lecture Yusha describes what await for those who have the worst of the two destinations in order to help us guard ourselves against Allah's punishment

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